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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Web Market Development: Is You Company Increasing Its Online Market Share?

The dot.com bubble (1995-2001) finally burst. Today companies are using the internet as a channel to increase revenues and e-market share. What is deemed "ethical" in search engine optimization (SEO) and internet marketing seems to have become simply a buzzword for all to use.

The problem

Technology, Web hosting, Web Design companies and the like have taken a new role, SEO/Internet Marketing. Yet their overworked and underpaid workers are not able to keep up with the necessary workload to maintain their positioning in their industry's e-market.
These companies are paid very well, many are paid millions of dollars a year, but the problem lies in that as the competition increases, their rankings in the search results will drop, and all because their pages were not even close to being truely optimized.

SEO Auditing

The sad part is that companies don't really know what to look for in hiring a "SEO company". They spend all that money on SEO and then come to a realization that their return on investment isn't very high.
This is because it requires serious market research to enter a market, hard work to strongly position itself in the e-market, and most of these companies are relying on simple title tag optimization for results (even though the titles aren't truely optimzied).
I believe seo auditing will come into the picture, and an increase in the number of people who are hired in-house to perform SEO. These companies will wake up and say "WOW we blew a lot of money on this!".

New Ecommerce Model

There are companies that are making over 50% of their revenues on the internet. For long term success it is going to take an in-depth online marketing strategy to truely be successful on the web. Not a quick job of simply "optimizing a few tags" like most of the companies out there (performing SEO).

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