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Thursday, May 31, 2007

If you can't stand up, STAND OUT

Little story ....my friend Dave, a quadrapalegic, coined the phrase...
If You Can't Stand Up...STAND OUT.......and lives it everyday.

He was injured in a car accident in his early 20's. After a brief transitional period, transformed into the amazing dynamic man he is now. Dave works a full time job, has skiied in British Columbia, sky dived, parasailed, kayaked, traveled to Europe and all over the U.S.

He has been on the Today Show and raised money for charity, not spinal cord injury mind you, but Lupus. The essay he wrote got the attention of the Today Show and and the National Lupus Foundation and he was able to direct peoples hearts and checks to this cause. http://www.lupus.org/webmodules/articles/anmviewer.asp?a=366&z=14

Last year Metro asked him to be the key note speaker at a spinal cord event, he's an incredible communicator and touched lives that day..as always. He has such a calm encouraging demeanor, it touches everyone he meets. Friends, friends of friends from years ago, waitresses, business owners, hospital staff and the easy way he connects, networks and intertwines us all.

I started selling these t-shirts and hats with his phrase on them at my shop http://cafepress.com/imaginestudios with the intent for the proceeds to go toward the care and feeding of his van, his source of freedom. The van is currently running on prayer alone and needs some help.

Sooooo....If you know of anyone in a wheelchair who could use a little encouragement to BE who they were meant to be...or know of any organization that may be interested in carrying these items please direct them my way.

Thanks so much!

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