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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Cleveland SEO Firm: Ethical or not?

Would you consider a Cleveland seo firm ethical if it didn't include the basics for seo? SEO stands for search engine optimization. How do they acquire clients without getting caught?

This Cleveland SEO firm is taking advantage of its clients. The clients have very little knowledge of seo, and the word "seo" has become a buzzword, along with "spider", and people are so amazed to know of a company that even offers it. To me the word algorithm is becoming a buzzword. We'll see what happens to ASK.com, as they use the word in their marketing efforts.

It seems that Google owns that word, and Ask must show some differentiation.
The strangest part of the equation is that some companies are paying big money to this Cleveland SEO firm. And when it promotes their success stories, they fail to realize that those "optimized pages" are already falling in the search results.
  • Does anyone know of such a Cleveland SEO firm?

SEO means true page optimization, more than placing a few keywords in tags..

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