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Monday, May 21, 2007

Cleveland Internet Marketing: Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland Internet Marketing, Cleveland, Ohio:
Internet Marketing involves in-depth knowledge of industry online markets. Forget simply title and meta tags. It require knowing one's audience, its demographics, feelings/reactions etc.
Internet Marketing has similarities to offline traditional marketing, but many techniques applied to traditional marketing must be avoided when it comes to online marketing. People are extremely cautious and annoyed by online marketing hype. Do not offend them.
If you apply your offline marketing strategy fully to your online strategy, you may turn off your audience and lose market share. And word of mouth is spread much more quickly via the internet (via blogs, email, etc.). So start your online marketing strategy with caution.
Isn't it annoying when web sites don't offer the price of their products or services? Doesn't spam email bother you? Don't you hate it when you sign up for a service online, and their support doesn't really support you at all? This would be a good start for your internet marketing strategy.
  • Forget about greed, and apply common sense and use a customer- centric approach. A few big companies do not like me because I talk like this. Well, I call this ethical internet marketing.
The dot.bomb days are over. But it requires an extensive online strategy to achieve success in ecommerce today. Satisfied customers is the beginning of success.

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