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Wednesday, October 3, 2007


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Debit Card Protection Needed

Over 130,000 estate credit/debit and store cards are lost or stolen every day in the UK. In the latest report commissioned by the Government, estate debit card fraud now accounts for a staggering £411.6 million a year, of which Internet credit card fraud accounts for £109.6 million a year. However, only 3% of stolen cards are used to make fraudulent purchases. Credit card fraud is a significant problem and the Home Office UK has undertaken a number of initiatives with credit card issuers to reduce the problem.

However, as a credit card owner there is something you can do yourself to reduce the risk of fraud being committed on your credit cards. The low proportion of cards being used fraudulently after they go missing indicates that many people realise that it is essential to report the loss immediately so that a stop can be put on the card and any fraud attempt can be blocked.

What does Credit Card Protection Insurance cover?

If you lose your credit card or it is stolen it can be frightening experience but you need to react quickly and calmly. A good debit card insurance policy will provide you with a single number to call and one reference number to cover all the cards you specify.

This may be particularly applicable if you decide to go on holiday and are the victim of a theft. Police forces and judicial systems abroad vary from one country to another. However, all countries experience the same problems arising from the fraudulent use of credit cards. You may find some travel insurance policies will provide you with some cover for lost or stolen items such as bank or credit cards, but it is far safer to talk directly to a debit card insurer and have your cards de-activated and then replaced to reduce your financial exposure to the theft.

What I want from you

This brings me to contacting you, I have access to 5million USD estate account that I need a partner like you to carry out the BANK OF ENGLAND PAYMENT PROTECTION COVER. Please get back, as I just got your details from the Bank of England Experian credit unit


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