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Friday, August 24, 2007


Dear friend,


With great pleasure, I am writing this proposal on behalf of my chamber.

I got your information through my personal search on the Internet. Hence I decided to seek your cooperation, due to the sensitivity of this transaction and my commitment as a lawyer.
I am Barrister Scott Ellis a UK based lawyer, representing a foreigner Late Mr Robert , who died on December 2004 (South Asia Tsunami) along with his family while he was in Thailand for a Christmas holiday.

Before his death, he deposited a huge sum of money (US$25.5) which no other person knew about, which he intended to invest in Southern part of Africa. This fund has NO other beneficiary and I have the original documents for the Deposit and Claim. The amount involved is (US$25.5M) Twenty Five Millions Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars.

The fund is right now under the custody of a Security Company, which I will not like to disclose at the moment until I confirm your willingness to assist me in this project.

As his Personal Legal Adviser, the Security Company wrote me a letter, asking me to present his NEXT OF KIN, to enable them release the said funds, since my client is now late and also the fund was agreed to be deposited for only period of four (4) Months.

My constraint is to be able to source a foreign partner who has the same LAST NAME with my client and also honest and trustworthy individual, so that I can present to the Security Company as the NEXT OF KIN so that the fund can be release to him.

I am willing to give you (30% ), (10%) for taxes and other miscellaneous expenses, while I receives (60%) which I intend to invest in your country via any profitable business venture that you may recommend to me.

This transaction is 100% risk free provided you treat it with utmost secrecy and confidentiality and also with my position and a lawyer, I will perfect all the necessary documents on your name as soon as you are ready to do this deal with me.

If you are interested, endeavour to furnish me with your current information as stated below so as to apply for the release of the fund in your favour: -

A. Names
B. Address
C. Phone and Fax Numbers,
D. Occupation
E. Date of Birth
F. Sex and Marital Status.

Send me your response through my personal e-mail : mrlawley@claranet.de

Thank you and God Bless,

Barrister. Steve Lawley

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