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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Recent News and Observations from Chagrin Falls

Last night, we were treated to the cool conjunction of Venus and Saturn. I set up with video in downtown Chagrin Falls about 7:30 pm. After a bit of a tussle, I located Venus and was rolling. Shortly after, I found Jupiter low in the SSE and decided to move the telescope from the usual location to see it better. Jupiter was cool with all four Galilean moons visible on one side of the giant planet.

Shortly after that, it finally became dark enough to see Saturn. Barely half a degree or so straight above Venus. Venus itself is markedly crescent.

A lot of people came by to enjoy the view, and many had foreknowledge of the conjunction.

Unfortunately, I put wrong days on my last blog about ISS and Atlantis. The correct days are Tuesday for Thursday, Friday should be Thursday, and Saturday should be Friday.

I am hosting a Perseid Meteor watch August 11 and 12 at River Road Park in Bainbridge. Stay tuned for more details and try to make this if the weather is good because last year we saw a giant!

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