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Thursday, June 14, 2007


the enchanted secret scupture garden
July 28th and 29that the corner of 160th and Waterloo

featuring the intriguing art work of;

Rita DiCello, paintings
Maria DiCello, paintings
Chris Dixon, photography
Alice Kiderman, stone sculpture
Leslie Jeffreys, paintings
Shannon Marie, 3D paintings
Jerry Schmidt, metal sculpture
Tyler Schmidt, metal sculpture

the flier is still in the works, hidden away in my computer for now, as soon as it's done and all of us agree, I'll post the real deal. But for NOW, mark this date in your calendar, tell all your friends, put a sticky note on your mirror, scribble it out and hang it on the fridge...this is a going to be a great event, guaranteed. See, it's in writing, but it'll only be great...IF you attend!
Okay, now I have to go back to watching the Cavs game!

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